So here I sit, at the very end of Sun Microsystems.

(oblink to James Gosling’s entry)

Who would’ve thought!

Close to twenty years ago the university received a shiny new SPARCserver/390. Sure we had other hardware from HP (HP-UX, ugh) and IBM (AIX, even worse!) but that 390 with SunOS was special. I cajoled my way into being the sysadmin for that lab mainly so I could get unlimited play time with it.

Later after finishing grad school I ended up elsewhere but Sun was still the coolest company on Earth. I quickly “found” (not by accident) myself with a SPARCstation10 which later became a 20 and so on… Today my ‘desktop’ is a SunFire server but since it is insanely noisy I keep it in a lab and display through a SunRay in my office.

Inevitably, I later ended up here at Sun (coincidentally, right when Bellcore got acquired) and the engineering culture was as great inside as the products were cool from a customer perspective (as to the management side of the company, the less said the better I suppose). So here we are, at the Sunset of it all. Now, a very red sunrise.

So, what’s next for Sun Web Server?

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