The Car

My Miata is a '93 A package, purchased new. Approximately 180K miles as of last update.

The Details

Here's a rough description of my highly subjective ratings for each modification.

I wouldn't want to live without this. If I had another Miata I would do this immediately.

These are very nice. If I had another Miata I would quite certainly do this mod, but I could live without it for a while.

It's merely ok. Since I have it, I'll keep it, but I would not buy this again. I'd be happy to get it as a gift, but I would not spend any money on it.

This was a mistake. Would never buy it again nor accept it as a gift.

The Numbers

Here is a page with some dyno run information.

Here is some Ground Control setup information.

Here is some bumpstop information.

Here are some gas mileage statistics.

Here are some cool graphs on camber vs. travel (and for the NC Miata).

Some info on Removing the PPF from the diff

Pics on the 200K refresh

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