1993 Miata MPG Statistics

Here are some statistics on my 1993 Miata's fuel usage. I bought this car new so these numbers cover the entire life of the car so far.

Total miles194009
Total gallons6606.6787
Overall MPG29.37
Total expense$10877.84
Avg. fuel cost per mile $0.06
Total fill-ups752
Avg. cost per fill-up$14.47
Highest fill, gallons10.777
Lowest fill, gallons0.72
Highest price/gallon$3.077 (03-25-2001)
Lowest price/gallon$1.079 (07-18-1994)

For all the graphs, the X axis is in days from the time the car rolled off the showroom floor. The dotted vertical lines mark the start of each new year (the first vertical line is 1994).

The first graph shows average MPG over time. As seen below it has given mostly just under 30 MPG most of the time. Lower spikes correlate mostly to track days. The one spike which goes well over 40 MPG is probably faulty data.

The next graph shows the price of fuel in US$ per US gallon over the same time interval.

The third graph shows US gallons per fill. This one is not terribly interesting, but shows that the car nearly always takes a bit under 10 gallons, since I try to always run it close to empty and then fill it completely.

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