Joyent Debacle

I’ve been hosting this server on Joyent for a while now for a few reasons. One was that their VMs are Solaris zones which is (a) cool, (b) I prefer hosting Internet-facing servers on Solaris and (c) some of the Sun talent moved to Joyent after the oracle disaster so I liked the idea of supporting Joyent. The other reason was that Joyent offered a fixed-price-for-life server when I signed up so it was a nice deal as well.

Yesterday Joyent broke their promises by dropping all the fixed & lifetime plans out of the blue. There’s been coverage on Slashdot, Network World, ZDNet and plenty other places. Discussion rages on at the support forum and there is a google group dedicated to finding alternatives as well.

The people who prepaid for a lifetime plan were the hardest hit. For me it is not that bad as I was on a monthly plan (not prepaid) but they did still break the promise of a maintaining a fixed price for life.

I could migrate to their new plans, which are about 50% more expensive per month but it seems hard to justify why I should trust these people anymore. So I’ll probably migrate this server elsewhere once I do some research to find something more trustworthy than Joyent. The sad part is it probably won’t be Solaris ;-(