Goodbye my Sun

Goodbye my Sun.

(I don’t eat fish and the Douglas Adams quote is overused, anyway.)

I joined Sun Microsystems on March 10, 1997 so I was just about to complete thirteen years at Sun when the acquisition happened. It may have had its highs and lows but all in all it was a wonderful ride at a legendary company. Having been part of Sun was a dream fulfilled.

I’ll always remember Sun for the relentless innovation and the highest standards for technical excellence. Sun was a place where engineering reason prevailed over bureaucrats, assumptions were questioned and critical thinking stood over mere paperwork. We may not have marketed it very well but it sure was the best technology on Earth.

I worked on many projects over the years but the longest running and most special one was the Web Server [iPlanet|SunONE|JES|SJS – nobody loved continuous product renaming like Sun!] Always a small team but with the highest passion for producing the best code on Earth, even against all odds. Thanks for the good memories, Web Server team!

All wonderful things come to an end, I suppose, so did Sun and so does this blog now. Hopefully the articles will continue to be here for future reference but if not, I have also made them available on my own site at

Interesting challenges have fallen my way so it is time to pursue them.

You know where to find me. Keep in touch!