VHF/AIS (06/2018)

When purchased, my C270 had a very basic (possibly factory original) VHF. Here's a photo of the electrical panel area and the old VHF.
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Initially I planned on installing a more modern VHF in the same spot. But in the process of working on other electronics on the boat, I decided I wanted to install a battery monitor display. But where?

I first thought of installing the battery monitor display below the settee cushion right where the batteries are. But there just wasn't enough space between the board and the battery box behind it, so that idea was out.

So I thought of building a small enclosure for it on the shelf just above the electrical panel. That idea morphed into building a larger enclosure which would also fit the new VHF.

I also added a couple "lighter" plus for charging the handheld VHF or any other accessories. There's also a switch to control the AIS transponder.

I went with a Standard Horizon Explorer VHF. It's a pretty basic model but has all the usual DSC functionality the old one lacked. On my previous boat I had a VHF with an AIS receiver built-in but since I decided on an AIS transponder for the C270, no sense in duplicating AIS support on the VHF.

Here is a closer view:

To make the VHF usable while sailing, when I'm at the helm, I also installed the remote handset:

The cover is hinged so I can open it to access the wiring:

The AIS transponder is a Vesper Marine XB-6000 which is hidden behind the enclosure. It comes with an external GPS antenna but so far it appears to be getting very good GPS reception with its internal antenna so I have not needed to install the external one.

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