Catalina 270 Fuel Tank Vent (07/2016)

One of the things the pre-purchase survey called to be fixed was the fuel tank vent.

The tank vent is the smaller black tube which can be seen going to the through hull just below the larger black hose (which is the exhaust).

The problem was that the vent tube goes straight down from the through hull to the tank. This makes it easier for water to enter the tank if the vent outlet is submerged by waves and heeling.


The space was too tight to get meaningul pictures, so no after pics...

I replaced the ~3ft long vent hose with a new 5/8" hose a bit over 5ft long (bought 6ft and ended up cutting a handful of inches off). This allows the hose to go up from the tank to the highest point under the deck and then down to the through hull. At the highest point the hose is supported by a zip tie screwed to a small wooden block which is glued (3M 5200) to the underside of the deck.

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