New floors (2017)

After the holding tank incident, the floorboards had become soaked in black water so I got rid of them.

I built new floor boards from marine plywood with a teak and holly veneer. I could only find this in 1/2" thickness which is slightly thicker than the original floor but it worked out fine. Also, I could only find this in mostly teak with holly inserts, which is the opposite of the Catalina original. But it looks pretty good I think. The floor was finished with Minwax Fast-drying Polyurethane Clear semi-gloss.

The vertical side boards (below the seat cushions) were also previously water-damaged (prior to my ownership so don't know details). I replaced these as well. I cut them from marine plywood with a teak veneer (1/2" thick, same as the original ones). These boards I finished with Target Coatings EM2000wvx satin, which was the original coating according to Catalina Direct.

Overall, the interior looks pretty nice now:

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