Flexofold (10/2020)

Taking advantage of having to haul out this year to replace the cutlass bearing, I ordered a Flexofold folding prop to replace the fixed factory prop.

There are so many options for folding props it is difficult to differentiate them. I went with Flexofold mainly because most of the C270 mailing list members who have folding props have Flexofolds and speak well of them. So at least it was a known quantity.

The sizing of the prop seems to be one part science two parts art! Doing a poll on the C270 list, the recommendations given by Flexofold themselves vary widely from 13 to 16 inches with assorted pitches. (When I have some time I'll summarize the numbers on the C270 site.)

After talking with Flexofold, I went with a 14x11 R-3 (that's 14 inches, pitch=11, Right handed, 3 blade).

Here are some photos with the blades open and closed:



Here is a short video of opening and closing the blades:


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