2018 January Trip to Monterey

Started the year off right with a family sail down to Monterey and back on our Catalina 270.

Day 1

SC2MUnfortunately, no wind at all today so had to motor all the way. Glassy seas and a nice day though.

DSC18A_3939My son did a great job steering to the compass for a big part of the trip:

DSC18A_3934Abundant sea life on this trip. First we saw several whales which surfaced many times.

DSC18B_7142Later we saw a large group of dolphins cross our bow and head off into the distance. Based on the white stripe on the fin, I’m guessing they were Dall’s Porpoises.

DSC18B_7148Later, approaching Monterey,

DSC18A_3944I suddenly noticed the water was filled with jellies!

DSC18A_3961DSC18A_3976Soon after we were tied off at the Breakwater Cove Marina in Monterey.

DSC18A_3984After a nice dinner at Gianni’s Pizza, back to the boat for the evening.

DSC18A_4034Day 2

Rain in the forecast for today. sadly. On the plus side, at least some wind.

Heading north from Monterey there was indeed a bit of wind so finally got to do some proper sailing. The fun only lasted about 4 nautical miles though, after which the wind became light and speed dropped below 3 knots. So I motorsailed the rest of the day to get home sooner given the cold and steady rain.

We did see two whales which surfaced quite close to the boat. Given the rain, didn’t take the camera out today so no photos. Also, the GPS managed to reset itself somehow, so didn’t record the whole track.



2 thoughts on “2018 January Trip to Monterey

  1. My kids aren’t sailors but i think they would do the trip just to see all the ocean life that you saw, esp the whales and the jellyfish!

    You stayed the night on the boat?

  2. Yes, we stayed on the boat overnight. Cheapest hotel in Monterey ($27/night)!

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