libbloom - A simple and small bloom filter implementation in plain C

This is libbloom, a simple and small bloom filter implementation in C.

If you are reading this you probably already know about bloom filters and why you might use one.
If not, the wikipedia article is a good intro:
Jyri J. Virkki
Latest release
1.6 (02/17/2019)
Source code
Currently hosted on github:
Bug tracker
Currently using github issues:
More info
See the README and the public API in bloom.h

Installing pre-packaged libbloom

libbloom has become relatively popular and is available in various packages. Unfortunately I don't have a comprehensive list to include here. If you know of other packaging efforts, please drop me a note and I'll include links here.

I know it is available in Debian (and thus its derivatives).

Here are some additional pointers:

How to install libbloom from source

Released versions

For the most stable version, build the most recent release. The master branch in the github source repository corresponds to the most recent release.

Download URLs
sha256 8ab68b3c0073f8a07db4566ffc3b332d4ed494a49dda263248b49453bafd197a
sha256 59ebffebd13211da3a98dfa401741df1fc11da297e646ce77637cc1874160e75

Latest development snapshot

See docs/branches for branch info.

NOTE: After 1.6, the next release will be 2.0. The size bloom filter capacity will increase, which forces an incompatible change in data types, thus a new major version.

For most use cases, I recommend using the latest released version (see above) unless you really need the very latest changes.